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Monday, June 18, 2007

The culture in the Dolomites

The Dolomites possess a history and culture that go back thousands of years. This history, along with factors such as the beauty of the landscape and the difficult climate, reflects directly on the territory and its inhabitants.

This antique pride, loyalty and hospitality, sense of belonging and love for the mountains inherited from the first inhabitants of the Monti Pallidi can still be found today in the people of these valleys and their traditions, strengthened as a result of the sufferings and great discomforts endured throughout the centuries.

Tradition and culture that live within the Splendide Comunità di Fiemme, the 11 Regole d'Ampezzo and those of the Comelico and Cadore, within Tyrol's 'legge del maso chiuso' and the Regole di Spinale and Manez. A culture that perpetuates in legend, festivities, woodwork and handicraft. And this culture is also reflected in what is on offer for the tourist: increasingly cutting edge and constantly more oriented towards the protection of the environment.

The Ladin Language

Ladin has its origins in neo Latin and came about as a result of the contact of Latin with the local language. This occurred after the conquest of the Dolomite valleys by Roman troops in 15 BC.

Nowadays Ladin is the fulcrum by which the local population of Badia, Val Gardena, Livinallongo, Val di Fassa, Val d'Ampezzo, Cadore, Agordino, Val di Zoldo and Comelico identifies itself. This identity enhances the awareness of common origins, and at present the study of Ladin is compulsory in schools in Val Badia and Val Gardena.


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